HOW TO: Process Vocals For Your Podcast / Video (Noise Reduction, Compression, EQ & Limiting)

 I thought I would share my audio processing workflow.

- Clean signal recorded from -24 to -12 db
- RE20 is my mic of choice
- Apollo interface
- De-Noise or gate
- De-click (for mouth clicks. Not seen in video tutorial)
- Low cut at 40hz and High cut at 20000hz
- Compressor - quick attack and release 4:1 ratio
- Compressor - slow release and attack 2:1 ratio
- EQ to taste. usually cut 450hz, boost 7000+hz, bump around 100hz
- De-esser (not seen in video tutorial)
- Limiter

Hope this helps some people! I know people apply different effects at different parts of the processing chain, but this is the order that works for me.

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  • Christopher

    Question, would you still need izotope RX if you have universal audio apollo with the plug-ins? Also do you have a course on how to edit audio for voice-overs?

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