Podcast Mastering Preset Pack - Ryan Freeman - Podcasting in Logic pro, GarageBand, Adobe Audition & REAPER

Podcast Mastering Preset Pack

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Made for Adobe Audition, Logic Pro X, GarageBand & REAPER

Includes 12 Podcast Mastering Presets

    The Ryan Freeman Classic (Light / Medium / Hard)
    Tone Down (Light / Medium / Hard)
    Sparkle & Shine (Light / Medium / Hard)
    Remove The Mud (Light / Medium / Hard)

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Preset Walkthrough Video
Better Audio Quality = More Listeners.

Regular price $149 Sale price $99
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✓ No third-party plugins

✓ Tones & unifies your final mix together

✓ Balances your mix (voice, music & fx)

✓ Achieve a polished professional sound

✓ Award-Winning sound in just a few clicks

You can now have
Award-Winning Sound

I was honored to win a Webby Award for Best Sound Design & Original Music in a Podcast.

These presets reflect the same processing that I used to win this Webby. You can get the best & achieve Award-Winning sound in just a few clicks.

Hear The Difference

BEFORE: Podcast mixed to -6db
AFTER: Podcast Mastering Preset applied

Regular price $149 Sale price $99
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Complete Your Sound

What is Mastering?
The final stage of audio processing, which effects and glues the sound together overall.
Mastering is subtle & gentle - Major sound changes should be done in the mix.

Compression is used to glue all the tracks in your project together. It makes the loudest peaks quieter & the lowest points louder, creating an upfront cohesive sound.

Equalization (EQ)
Sculpt & treat the overall sound of your project. Dial-in the sonic spectrum to bring new life to your sound.

Stops audio from peaking over 0 db, avoiding distortion. Light limiting will do the trick! It also makes your final output louder.

Made For Adobe Audition, Logic Pro X,
GarageBand & REAPER

The Podcast Mastering Presets have been designed to optimize playback across all systems and media formats. By artfully applying compression, equalization, and limiting. The presets level, unify and enhance your final mix, ready to be shared with the world. Beginner or professional, these presets will save you time & money.

• Includes 12 presets
• Saves you time
• Optimized for all listening devices
• Balances voice levels
• Professional podcast sound
• Uses your program's stock plugins
• Adjust effects if needed
• 'Install & Apply' tutorial video included

Make sure your program is up-to-date.

Regular price $149 Sale price $99
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Voice Processing + Mastering Bundle
Save 50% Bundled

Paired together, achieve the best sound possible.